A D’Orsay with a twist.
This shoe features a Tuscany-yellow nose and details. The higher vamp has an lace incoorporated into the upper, this creates a extra lightline on the patent kidskin leather.
The rear heel “cowl“ is mainly aesthectic, adding sharp, steep lines whilst providing little cover, just where the rounding of the heel starts.

Material choice:
· Tuscany-yellow coloured, slightly matte kidskin.
· Black patent kidskin leather.
· Toplines: hidden stitches, nose fine stitch (1.5mm /60wt), with an handstitch (7mm) where nose, medial and lateral fronts intersect.
· Thin laces with chrome metal tube endings.
· Aluminium heels with steel heeltip. Hand finished: carved curves & polished. Heel sides were 3D modeled in Rhino & SLS printed, lined with same leather as the rear cowl.

Last model:
Elanoide, developed & tailored to clients measurements by me.

Design and Fit:
Couture for Client. (Size EU38.5 / UK 5.75)