A D’Orsay flat
Part of the LUSCIOUS collection.
The single strap starts from the deep (medial) rear instep to the lateral front.
This strap attaches to a metal button: a pearl like ornament.
The upper covers a small 2.8 cm heel, the seamless transition from upper into heel is noticable (a theme similar to the Luscious #2 and #4). On the medial side you can see the curve of the suede upper “flow into” the heel, see detail image.

Material choice:
· Tyrian colored, patent calf leather nose and insole edge lining. (comes to life in bright sunlight) Nose: hidden stitch.
· Crème, low nap, suede back - Matching color stitch, 2mm/60wt
· Light crème calfskin for the insole,
· Chrome button (8mm)

Last model:
Elanoide (own development)

Design and Fit:
LUSCIOUS collection (Size EU39.5 / UK 6.25)