C O U T U R E   P R O C E S S

At the atelier, couture work can be commissioned.
Each pair requires several appointments, below an indication of the process:

Initial Consultation.
- Defining the occasion, draft design.
- Agreement.

Design and Measurement.
- Presentation of design and material proposals.
- Taking of the client's measurements for a bespoke shoe last.

Initial Fitting.
- Based on your personal shoe last, a test-shoe is crafted for assesment during the initial fitting.

Second Fitting.
- Iterations are verified during a second fitting. If needed, this step is repeated.
- The final versions of the shoe last and patterns are prepared.

Final Creation.
The client's pair is meticulously crafted by hand. The time it takes to create the pieces can range from 80 to 600 hours.


For a Appointment requests please contact us.
Prices are only available upon request.