Couture Shoe Design and Creation by Alexander Khorikian.

For Shoe-lovers, who appreciate craftsmanship:
Each pair Unique and made to Complement the Wearer: in Style and in Fit.

All shoes are designed and made upon order and client's specifications.
Each client has her own pair of lasts at the Atelier, based on the client's measurements.

Shoes designed and made especially for you:
     ...the process in a nutshell:

1  We’ll get to know your taste, style and wishes

2  Next we’ll discuss designs i’ve made for you

3  I’ll take your measurements

4  When your lasts are ready i’ll prepare test shoes

5  After fitting these test shoes i’ll adjust your
    personal last for a good fit

6  Work on fabricating your
    uniquely designed shoes starts

During the actual making process i can 
send you updates if desired.
If you are interested in the making process,
or if you might have any other questions:
Feel free to 
contact me or visit me at
my workshop in Arnhem.

Prices available on request